About Transmission Planning In Nebraska

Transmission infrastructure is an important component that allows for the reliable delivery of low-cost, electricity to Nebraskans. It is also a complex regional business that does not end at the Nebraska border and thus requires coordinated long-range planning and detailed analysis when it comes to identifying future investments.

In Nebraska, decisions regarding additions of high voltage power lines are made in conjunction with the state’s transmission utility owners and the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional transmission organization, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

To determine plans for future regional transmission development, SPP works with its utility member entities to develop an Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP). In early 2011, SPP adopted its first long-range integrated transmission plan which assessed transmission needs in the SPP region, including Nebraska, over a 20-year period (or through 2030).

SPP’s ITP20 transmission plan provides a “roadmap” for transmission expansion in the SPP region to meet various energy supply scenarios, and proposes significant transmission line expansion projects in Nebraska. This plan is a first step in determining at a high level what type of transmission expansion are needed by SPP members in the future.