Nebraska’s public power utilities were created to provide low cost, reliable electric service. Electricity is priced on costs, and the revenue that is generated is used to pay operating expenses and make necessary investments in maintenance, construction, and system upgrades. The rates do not include a profit margin.

Since Nebraska’s utilities are not owned by investors, we can charge lower prices because we don’t have to send dividends to stockholders. Nebraska’s electric consumers reap the benefits of highly reliable service, as well as electric prices that are well under the national average.

Nebraska’s public power utilities make significant contributions to the state’s economy every year. Literally millions of dollars in the form of in-lieu-of-tax, gross revenue tax, general fund transfers, and lease payments are paid to local and state governments. For instance, Nebraska’s public schools receive more than $10 million per year from the 5% gross revenue tax paid by public power districts.

Low-priced electricity can be a competitive advantage in economic development and job-creation. Energy-intensive manufacturers have come to Nebraska because of its low electricity prices. That means more jobs for Nebraskans! We’re happy to contribute to the state’s economic growth and the well-being of our customers by providing affordable electricity.

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