Nebraska’s locally-owned electric utilities operate for the exclusive benefit of consumers and their communities. As such, we have a deep personal interest in keeping our communities strong, our businesses  vibrant and our educational institutions superior. Our investments in people, communities, businesses, schools and cultural institutions pay important dividends today and in the future.


The hallmarks of public power — its not-for-profit operation, affordable rates, reliable service and local control — contribute to our quality of life. That quality of life, in turn, causes businesses to locate and expand here.

Nebraska’s public power utilities make significant contributions to the state’s economy every year. Literally millions of dollars in the form of in-lieu-of-tax, gross revenue tax, general fund transfers, and lease payments are paid to local and state governments. For instance, Nebraska’s public schools received more than $23 million between 2008 and 2009 from the five percent gross revenue tax paid by public power districts.