Load & Capability

Nebraska State Statue 70-1025 requires the NPA to provide the Nebraska Power Review Board with an annual report on NPA’s electrical system Load and Capability (L&C). This report looks 20 years forward to summarize electric demand growth, electric reserve margins and existing, committed, planned and studied generating resources.

The current L&C report, approved by the PRB August 26, 2016, details:

  • Projected non-coincident peak annual load for NPA members over the next 20 years
  • Reserve margins for the next 20 years
  • Existing generation resources
  • Committed generation resources that are either under construction or scheduled to begin construction
  • Planned generation resources for which that NPA members have authorized expenditures and if required, have not received Nebraska Power Review Board authorization
  • Potential generation resources being studied based on expected needs through 2035

According to the 2016 L&C report:

  • Nebraskans will experience average compounded peak demand growth of 0.29% per year for the 2016-2035 period
  • NPA members own or control 7,730 megawatts (MW) of accredited generation capacity
  • NPA members have 405 MW of “committed” nameplate resources (400 MW wind) that are either under construction or scheduled to be constructed
  • There are currently no planned resource additions for the 20-year period beyond what are shown as “committed” resources
  • NPA members are studying the potential addition of up to 325 MW (nameplate) of new generation resources

The 2017 Load & Capability report shows that the state’s utilities will have sufficient surplus generating capacity to meet SPP planning reserve requirements for the next decade.

2017 Load and Capability Report