Nebraska’s locally owned electric utilities work hard to protect and preserve Nebraska’s beautiful environment. We do all we can to reduce waste and air emissions at our facilities, enhance and protect habitat for threatened and endangered species and for Nebraska’s native and migratory wildlife, preserve water resources and fortify wetland habitat.

NPA members invest heavily in equipment that minimizes emissions from our power plants. Our members monitor their power plant emissions to ensure they meet or beat applicable standards. At the newly operational Whelan Unit 2 power plant, nearly $120 million was spent on equipment to reduce emissions from the power plant. NPA members expect to increase their spending on environmental protection in future years.

We work with customers to design more-efficient buildings and install new energy technologies. Nebraska’s public power utilities also minimize their environmental footprint by reusing and recycling water used at power plants, preserving groundwater and surface water resources for other purposes.

Water-skiing is one of the recreational amenities offered at Nebraska's lakes

Land, lakes and waterways managed by NPA members provide Nebraskans with a wide range of recreational opportunities: biking, hiking, jogging, fishing, swimming and water-skiing are only some of the lifestyle amenities that are part of being a Nebraskan.

NPA member companies employ thousands of Nebraskans. We live and work in our local communities. Our children go to local schools and participate in outdoor activities. We have a natural interest in protecting and preserving our shared environment.