Clean Water

NPA members provide financial incentives to support replacing inefficient irrigation equipment with high-efficiency equipment, saving millions of gallons of water per year

Water is Nebraska’s lifeblood—without it, there would be no crops, no livestock, no cities or towns. Life itself would be impossible in the Great Plains. Given our need for water, particularly our water-dependent agricultural businesses, all Nebraskans – homeowners, businesses and utility employees – need to use this precious resource wisely.

Nebraskans have had an adequate supply of clean water for so long, it can be easy to take it for granted. Safeguarding this valuable resource is everyone’s job. If we all do our part, we can be sure that our state will have enough clean water to meet the growing needs of its businesses and homes.

Several Nebraska utilities, including the Auburn Board of Public Works, distribute free water efficiency kits containing low-flow showerheads to their customers

In recent years, thousands of pieces of irrigation equipment in our state have been equipped with special controls to reduce waste and better target the flow of water.

Families have learned to brush their teeth without the water running.

Turning off lawn sprinklers when rain is forecast reduces wasted water and prevents over-watering of lawns.

NPA members have distributed many free water conservation kits, which include low-flow showerheads, to customers who want to use water more efficiently.

Having an adequate supply of water means NPA member utilities can generate carbon-free electricity from water

Homes and businesses all interact with bodies of water in our state. Did you know that over-fertilizing your lawn causes runoff that enters the water table and creates algae blooms that kill fish and aquatic plants? We all have a responsibility to protect our water and treat it as the essential resource it is.

Man-made lakes have been built at several power plants in our state to ensure there is enough water to cool the equipment. That water is kept in lined ponds to minimize loss through seepage.

Nebraska’s electric utilities spend millions of dollars each year to treat water before it is returned to lakes and waterways, to ensure that it meets federal and state standards and doesn’t hurt aquatic life.

Having an adequate supply of water benefits everyone and helps us live the lives we want. It enables businesses, families and communities to grow. Because of it, we can fish, swim, boat and water-ski when the weather is warm, and ice-fish during the winter. Caring for our state’s water resources is not someone else’s job – it’s a job for all of us!