The Whooping Crane is becoming a more common sight in Nebraska

“Stewardship” means taking care of the environment today so that the next generation can enjoy the same amenities and natural beauty as we do. It’s a promise and an obligation that Nebraska’s locally owned electric utilities take seriously.

The next generation of Nebraska environmental scientists at work

Members of the NPA practice stewardship every day – organizationally and individually:

  • We invest to reduce emissions from our power plants
  • We work with state and federal agencies to protect threatened or endangered species of wildlife
  • We protect and utilize water resources in a sustainable and ecologically balanced manner to enhance the quality of life and the environment in Nebraska
  • We reduce, reuse, and recycle to conserve landfill space and minimize the use of virgin materials
  • We generate an increasing portion of our electricity from renewable resources like wind and solar
  • We support tomorrow’s environmental scientists through internships, grants, and donations of land and equipment
  • We offer customers opportunities to improve the efficiencies of their homes and buildings, which also lowers energy use and minimizes the impact on the environment
  • We have weatherized thousands of homes in our state, lowering their energy costs and reducing the need to generate electricity
  • We have lowered energy use at our facilities by replacing equipment , changing lighting and installing renewable energy generators

NPA members work to preserve Nebraska's natural beauty

Our state has extraordinary beauty. NPA members share a commitment to preserving and protecting our land, water, and air. Our efforts are most effective when we work in collaboration with customers, communities, non-profit organizations, and regulatory agencies.