Getting the Recipe Right

Nebraska linemen at work

Nebraska’s utilities work hard to get the recipe right by providing customers with reliable electricity that is priced affordably and produced with environmental factors taken into consideration.

Utilities in our state spend a lot of time and money making the electric system as reliable as it can be. They replace equipment when needed, repair storm-damaged lines, poles, and transformers, and expand the network to make sure that when you flip the switch, the power is there, rain or shine.

Electricity powers education in Nebraska

Customer electric use is rising, partly driven by big-screen TVs and a growing number of battery-powered consumer electronics that require recharging. Our lives and our economy require a reliable supply of affordable electricity. Employees of Nebraska’s utilities work hard to keep the electric system operating through blazing summer afternoons and bitter winter ice storms.

Wind energy is family-friendly

Nebraska’s electric utilities focus on service, not profits. When we spend money, it is to improve the quality of service to our customers. We do not chase projects because of the profits they could generate. Because we are solely focused on serving customers, we don’t like to raise our prices because we know that hurts Nebraska’s families and businesses. We budget conservatively, execute carefully, and keep our eye on the bottom line at all times.

In addition to providing and delivering reliable and affordable electricity, Nebraska’s utilities are aware that their business has environmental impacts. They select electric generation options based on cost and environmental impacts. Many members of the Nebraska Power Association also offer voluntary conservation and efficiency programs to help customers use less electricity and save money, if they want to do that.

Reliable electric service. Affordable electricity prices. Thinking about the environment. Sounds like the right recipe for excellent customer service!