Our Business

Local Control

Nebraska City Station, located in Otoe County, Nebraska

We are in the business of sustaining life in Nebraska by providing reliable and affordable electricity. Our product lights, heats and cools homes, runs factories, powers buildings and helps build the dreams of a better tomorrow. We provide customers with comfort and security. They depend on us and we take our commitment to them very seriously.

Our business is local and it works because of a shared responsibility between utilities and their customers, who are also the owners of the utilities. We all work together to achieve a better quality of life here in the Cornhusker State. The boards and councils that oversee Nebraska’s utilities make decisions on behalf of customers. We seek customer input because, ultimately, this is your electric system.

NPA members not only generate, transmit and distribute electricity, but many of our member utilities also offer a variety of voluntary conservation and energy efficiency programs, as well as energy education efforts, to help you use electricity safely and wisely. Customers who that want to lower their electricity use and monthly electric bills can investigate specific conservation and energy-efficiency programs at their utility’s website.

Linemen work to ensure that electricity is delivered when you need it!

As the electric business continues changing, maintaining our connections with customers becomes even more important. To be successful, strategic initiatives like installing “Smart Meters” or constructing transmission lines requires reaching out to customers. We work hard to inform customers about changes that could affect them. NPA members seek customer input on pricing proposals, transmission routes, energy conservation programs, environmental protection and other matters of community concern.

Serving customers is the first, last and only purpose for the boards and councils that oversee the operation of Nebraska’s utilities.  These officials set service standards, budgets, electricity prices and policies. Regularly scheduled meetings of utility boards and councils are open to the public.