Resource Diversity

Nebraska’s electricity comes from a variety of sources, including coal, nuclear, gas, hydro, wind, and methane. As shown on the map, Nebraska’s electric generators are geographically spread across the state. There also are dozens of diesel generators, typically located at municipal or industrial sites, which can generate electricity and supplement the generators owned by utilities. In addition, Nebraska imports a significant amount of hydroelectric power from federal dams located outside the state.

This broad mix of resources – by fuel and location – creates flexibility that helps Nebraska’s locally owned utilities provide reliable electricity at the lowest possible price. Fuel prices can vary from day to day. Hydropower flows could be high or low, depending on the snowpack runoff. Sometimes the wind blows and sometimes it doesn’t. Periodically, power plants need to be taken out of service for maintenance.

A diverse set of resources creates opportunities and protects against risks. Maintaining a diverse set of generators ensures that your electricity is low-priced and reliable.