State Energy Plan

For years, members of the NPA have offered customers programs to make their homes and businesses more efficient, lowering their use of energy and thus helping keep a lid on their electric bill. Many NPA members have expanded those programs in an effort to help customers use energy as wisely as possible.

Nebraska’s publicly owned utilities closely collaborate with the Nebraska Energy Office to help the agency establish and achieve its three broad objectives:

  • Ensure access to affordable and reliable energy for Nebraskans to use responsibly
  • Advance implementation and innovation of renewable energy in the state
  • Reduce petroleum consumption in Nebraska’s transportation sector

Nebraska’s electric utilities are starting to introduce electric vehicles to their fleets

Several NPA members are incorporating electric vehicles into their fleets. Nebraska’s utilities also are working with customers to introduce electric vehicles into our state. Electric vehicles can help the nation reduce its use of petroleum, but they remain in an early stage of deployment.

The state’s Energy Plan contains more than a dozen separate initiatives designed to help achieve its three objectives. Many of these initiatives are directly tied to efforts already under way at Nebraska’s utilities, such as:

  • Expanding the use of nuclear energy
  • Building the state’s wind-energy business
  • Increasing energy conservation and efficiency measures
  • Optimizing the use of Nebraska’s water resources for hydroelectric generation, and
  • Maximizing the value of the state’s coal-fired generation.

Programmable thermostats can make your home more comfortable and lower your utility bills

Nebraska’s publicly owned utilities were created to provide reliable and affordable electric service. The costs of generating and delivering electricity are poised to rise in the coming years, driven by the cost of building new generation and transmission assets as well as installing environmental controls on existing power plants.

Consumers have an important role to play in managing their energy costs. Effective management of the costs that are within our control is necessary if Nebraska’s rising energy costs are to be brought under control.

NPA members will continue working closely with the NEO, other state agencies, local communities, and its customers to strengthen Nebraska’s energy independence and lower energy bills for all Nebraskans.