Local Control

Publicly elected power district boards, appointed utility boards, rural electric cooperative boards, and city council representatives, control Nebraska’s utilities. Public power directors and council members understand their most important responsibility is to serve the needs of their customers, who also vote in elections. These governing representatives set service standards, budgets, policies, and electric prices. Regularly scheduled meetings of utility boards and councils are open to the public.

Nebraska utility employees play an active role in community events

The Nebraska Legislature, through state statutes, ultimately directs Nebraska’s public power industry. However, the Nebraska Power Review Board examines retail and wholesale service area agreements, approves construction of new electric generation facilities and transmission lines, and oversees the state’s long-range power supply plan.

Nebraska’s publicly controlled utilities have operated successfully for nearly 125 years. People like having a say in matters that affect them. And we are glad they do, as customer feedback helps keep us on track and pushes us to do better.

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