Who We Are

About the Nebraska Power Association

City of Auburn utility workers

The Nebraska Power Association (NPA) has been addressing state-wide electricity policies, issues, and concerns since its founding in 1980. Now in its fourth decade, NPA is comprised of the 166 utilities that produce and deliver electricity to Nebraskans.

NPA is a voluntary organization representing all segments of Nebraska’s power industry: municipalities, public power districts, public power and irrigation districts and cooperatives engaged in generation, transmission, or distribution of electricity within our state.

Nebraska is the only state in the U.S. where every home and business is served by a publicly controlled utility. That’s why the NPA is the essential organization for utility issues in our state. We bring together every utility from across our state, representing all sectors of our state’s electricity business and all Nebraskans.

It is the policy of the State of Nebraska to provide its citizens with adequate, reliable, and low-cost electric service, consistent with sound business practices. The organizations responsible for providing electric service to Nebraskans work collaboratively within NPA to implement that policy.

Contributing to the “Good Life” in Nebraska

A Lincoln Electric System employee donates blood to help those in need

NPA members help improve Nebraska’s quality of life by keeping electricity prices as low as possible. We budget conservatively and manage our expenses carefully. Because Nebraska’s publicly owned utilities don’t include a profit margin in their electricity prices, their prices are lower than utilities that are not publicly owned. That helps families and businesses stretch their dollars. All Nebraskans benefit from Nebraska being a public power state!

Our low electricity prices play a significant role in bringing new businesses to Nebraska, and in helping existing businesses expand. In recent years, NPA members, working with state and local agencies, helped bring several well-known companies to Nebraska, and supported the expansion of a number of existing Nebraska businesses.

Nebraska’s utilities also contribute to the good life in our state by paying in-lieu-of taxes and other fees exceeding $30 million per year. These funds support Nebraska’s schools, roads, parks and community needs.

NPA members employ about 6,000 Nebraskans. By working for a locally owned utility, employees in effect work for their friends, relatives and neighbors — the owners of the utility. That is one of the key strengths of public power.

Nebraska’s quality of life also is improved by the volunteerism of utility employees across our state. Like many other Nebraskans, people who work for Nebraska’s utilities believe in giving back to their communities and making a difference where they live. Nebraska utility employees volunteer their time as youth mentors, school tutors, athletic coaches and leaders of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Future Farmers of America, 4H and a wide range of civic and human-service organizations.

NPA members will continue to do their part to improve the quality of life for Nebraskans by providing a wide range of information about energy and environmental issues to neighborhood and civic organizations, preservation societies, community events, scouting organizations, health and human service groups, and a wide variety of other organizations.