Environmental Subcommittee

This Subcommittee shall monitor and analyze environmental issues being debated at the federal and state levels that have potential impact on the electric power industry in Nebraska, and recommend positions on these issues for consideration by the NPA Board of Directors.
Environmental Subcommittee Members
Jason Vanek, Chairperson
Environmental Engineer
Nebraska Public Power District
P.O. Box 499
Columbus,  NE 68602-0499
Phone: 402/563-5333
Fax: 402/563-5168
E-Mail: javanek@nppd.com
Deb McGuire
Engineer III, Environmental
Lincoln Electric System
P.O. Box 80869
Lincoln, NE 68501-0869
Phone: 402-416-3665
Fax: 402-465-0395
E-Mail: dmcguire@les.com


Andy Berger
Manager of Environmental Policy
Tri-State G&T  Association, Inc
12076 Grant Street
P.O. Box 33695
Denver, CO  80233
Phone: 303/254-3171
E-Mail: aberger@tristategt.org
Joe Citta
Corporate Environmental Manager
Nebraska Public Power  District

P.O. Box 499
Columbus, NE 68602-0499
Phone: 402/563-5355
Fax: 402/563-5168
E-Mail: jlcitta@nppd.com


Marty Stange
Environmental Supervisor
Hastings Utilities
1228 North Denver Avenue
Hastings, NE 68901
Fax: 402/462-3666
E-mail: mstange@hastingsutilities.com
Kristen Gottschalk
Government Relations Director
Nebraska Rural  Electric Association

1244 K Street
P.O. Box 82048
Lincoln, NE  68501
Phone: 402/475-4988
Fax: 402/475-0835
E-Mail: kgottschalk@nrea.org


Jeff Shanahan
Plant Supervisor
Fremont Utilities

PO Box 1266
Fremont, NE 68026-1266
Phone: 402/727-2603
E-Mail: jeff.shanahan@fremontne.gov
Tim Sutherland
Director of Wholesale Electric Operations
8377 Glynoaks Drive
Lincoln, NE  68516
Phone: (402) 474-4759
Fax: (402) 474-0473
Cell: (402)641-0134
Email: tsutherland@nmppenergy.org


Scott Sekutera
Regulatory and Environmental Manager
City of Grand  Island, Utilities

1035 West Wildwood Drive
Box 1968
Grand Island, NE  68802-1968
Phone: 308/385-5495
E-Mail: ssekutera@giud.com
Russ Baker
Manager – Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Division
Omaha Public Power  District
444 South 16th Street Mall
Omaha, NE  68102-2247
Phone: 402/636-2316
Cell: 402/350-6834
E-Mail: rjbaker@oppd.com